Do you offer telephone support?

We do not offer telephone support. Our thinking behind phone support is that the money used for expensive toll free numbers, telephone operators, and call centers could be much better spent on things such as more support technicians, server upgrades, etc. We also find that most people prefer the easier Helpdesk method anyway, so the money used in supporting a 24/7 call center mostly goes to waste, as we pay people for sitting around idle, when they could be configuring and provisioning servers.


If there is enough interest in a support phone number, we could implement it again, but in the past, there was simply no interest.


That said, we do have an emergency voicemail telephone number we provide to our clients in their welcome e-mail. As well, our owners are known for providing their personal cell phone numbers to clients, and also for regularly calling clients to assure that they are happy with our services. At WSWD, we really do care about our clients!

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